Spring (Opening) Cleanout

Spring (Opening) Cleanout

With winter finally over, it’s time to reset your natural ecosystem and ensure it looks great for the outdoor season. This is the most important pond maintenance task of the year, and professional help is essential.

Our Spring Pond Cleanout service starts with fully draining the pond (don’t worry, your fish will be safe in our holding tanks). With your pond empty, we can power wash the rocks, gravel, and any exposed liner. This helps remove debris, muck, and algae that died during the winter months. We will also deep clean all the filters and inspect all the equipment. We will tighten any check-valves (that were cracked open during the winter), we will remove any heaters, we will reinstall any UV lights that were removed, and we will take down any nets that are still up. We will then add the fish (and their water) back and top off with new clean water. We will also add calcium montrillonimite clay (helps to stabilize pH), pond salt (added for fish health), and an application of AquaOne (all natural beneficial bacteria).

Your pond will be refreshed, look great, and be ready for you to enjoy all Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Note: your outdoor water needs to be turned back on for us to complete this service.

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